Dominic Black, Writer/Producer/Presenter

Michael Sullivan, Historical Consultant
Artifacts Inc. (Tacoma, WA)

Jim Gates, Editor

Dave Bledsoe, Readings

Patricia Kelly, Readings

Adam Welch, Creative Director
Waymond Hampton, Design/Development
Hemisphere Design & Marketing


Steve Scher, Radio Host
Weekday at KUOW

Scott Schoenen, Director of Marketing and Communications
Washington State History Museum

Gwen Perkins, Hope In Hard Times Curator and Education Specialist
Washington State History Museum

Jennifer Kilmer, Executive Director, Washington State Historical Society
Washington State History Museum

Amos Burg, Folklife Center
Library of Congress


There are so many people we'd like to thank that an exhaustive list is tricky. We'll make a start though, and if we miss you out, please drop us a line and let us know.

First of all, we are hugely grateful to the Satko family for their participation in the series. Particular thanks go to Northsea Meridians Bowey; Joe Satko; Herb Satko; Cathy Satko and John Satko.

We'd also like to thank Anita Meyer for her generosity in talking to us about the Satko family and their experience with ger father, Paul Luvera, in Anacortes.

Special thanks are due to Humanities Washington for their support. The story of the Satko family's journey was re-discovered as a part of Humanities Washington's Journey Stories project.

We'd also like to acknowledge the help and support of Steve Scher, Katy Sewall and KUOW FM Seattle for their willingness to make broadcasting the story as a radio series a reality.

Original audio recordings of Paul Satko were used with the permission of the Satko family. They are part of the Amos Burg Collection of Alaskan Recordings, at the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.

Any opinions expressed within the script of the series are solely those of the producers, and are not the opinions of family members unless where directly stated.

Thanks are also due to the following people and institutions:

The producers gratefully acknowledge the following sound producers whose work is used in the series. Sounds were acquired via download from